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120.9cm (48) UHD

Flat images come to life with Samsung’s Contrast Enhancer. Your TV intelligently applies varying levels of contrast enhancement to different areas and objects on the screen creating a dramatic 3D-like effect. It’s the most realistic viewing experience possible on a flat screen TV.

Experience more accurate and natural colours
Samsung developed a special colour technology for our UHD TV called PurColour, which expresses a wider range of colours and shades that are as close to real life as it gets, bringing you closer to what nature intended. With all the 8 million pixels that come with a UHD display—four times more than a Full HD display—you need more colour adjustment points to create detailed images. Conventional UHD TVs have about 27 colour adjustment points, but PurColour dramatically increases that by more than 7 times, resulting in colours and shades that are much richer and more refined.

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