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125.7cm (50) SUHD 4K Flat Smart TV JS7200 Series 7

Through Samsung’s unique re-mastering algorithm, the video source of a non-SUHD content is analysed and remastered so that the content can be displayed as close to what’s intended by the content creator.

Nano Crystal Display
The new generation of premium displays brings even more vibrant colours and incredible brightness to your TV. Samsung’s proprietary Nano Crystal Display* improves upon standard UHD by providing a gorgeous range of colour that is 1.2 times** wider and brightness that is 1.3 times*** more radiant for maximum brilliance in every pixel


  • 125.7cm (50) SUHD 4K Flat Smart TV JS7200 Series 7

  • 125-138.8cm (55) Full HD

  • 120.9cm (48) UHD

  • 12-80.1cm (32) HD Flat J4003 Series 4

  • 12-189.3cm (75) UHD 4K Flat Smart JU6470 Series 6

  • 12-HD Flat J4003 Series 4

  • 12-Smart TV JS9500 Series 9

  • 12-Full HD Curved Smart J6300 Series 6

  • 223.7cm (88) SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV JS9500 Series 9

  • 125.7cm (50) Full HD Flat Smart TV J5570 Series 5

  • 165.1cm (65) Full HD Curved Smart TV H8000 Series 8

  • 59.8cm (24) HD Flat TV H4003 Series 4